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EN 12477

Protective gloves for welders

This International Standard describes the design specifications for gloves that provide hand and wrist protection for welding and for similar work and should be referred to in conjunction with EN 388 and EN 407. This standard is applicable only in combination with EN 420, excluding that standard’s specifications concerning minimum glove length. Welding gloves must provide protection against mechanical hazards as well as small splashes of molten metal, short contact exposure to limited flame, short exposure to convective heat, against UV radiant heat from arc and against contact heat.

According to their comparative performance levels, protective gloves for welders are divided into two categories:
Type A = gloves that provide a high degree of protection against heat but are less flexible
Type B = gloves that provide a lower degree of protection against heat but are more flexible
Marking conforms to specifications in EN 420 and to the pictograms in EN 388 and EN 407.


Table – Minimum lengths in mm for welding gloves:

 Glove size  6  7  8  9  10  11
 Fits  Hand size 6  Hand size 7  Hand size 8  Hand size 9  Hand size 10  Hand size 11
 Minimum length of glove (mm)  300  310  320  330  340  350


Table – EN 388 minimum mechanical performance levels:

 EN388  Type A  Type B
 Abrasion resistance  2  1
 Cut resistance  1  1
 Tear resistance  2  1
 Puncture resistance  2  1


Table – EN 407 minimum thermal performance levels:

 EN 407  Type A   Type B
 Burning behaviour  3 (3s / 25s)  2 (10s / 120s)
 Contact heat resistance  1 (100⁰C / 15s)  1 (100⁰ / 15s)C
 Convection heat resistance  2 (7s)  –
 Drops of molten metal (number of drops)  3 (25 drops)  2 (15 drops)

Lining will be checked after each thermal test and must not melt.
Glove material must not ignite when in contact with drops of molten metal.

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