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Scandia Gear | Data Protection Q+A

What data does Scandia collect?
We collect data when visitors browse our website and share their personal details for future use (e.g., to receive our newsletters and product offers). The following overview details the personal information we collect with visitors’ consent:

  • Given name and surname;
  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Postal address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • IP address;
  • Additional personal data and details that you have consented to provide (e.g., when creating a client profile on our website, email correspondence, sharing telephone contact details), such as, though not limited to, your location data, professional activities, Internet browser and device type, and bank account number.

Given that we are unable to independently verify the personal details provided to us by visitors, we ask those (e.g., parents or guardians) who believe we have inadvertently collected data, or collected data without express or implied consent, from a person or persons under the age of sixteen (16) to contact us at so that we may delete the data in question.

Why else would Scandia collect visitors’ personal data?
We use data to create client accounts, to process payments and product deliveries, and to send newsletters and product updates to subscribers.

In addition, to improve their experience, we analyse the choices visitors make while browsing our website (e.g., narrowing the range of products and services we promote to align with their implied preferences). Further, we can be obliged by tax authorities to disclose specific details about the composition of visitor traffic to our website.

Automated decision-making
Automated decision-making is not part of our supply chain or IT strategy.
To confirm: we use the following programs, systems, and software:
+ Microsoft software: we use this software for our servers and clients.
+ ERP system: we use this system for front and back office goals.
+ Scan software: we use this to scan invoices in our system.
+ Event manager: we use this system as an addition to the ERP System in the context of automation.
Our business management does not effect your privacy.

How long does Scandia keep visitors’ personal data?
We store data in strict compliance with applicable legislation (i.e., no longer than required). The following timelines pertaining to data storage are applicable:


Does Scandia share data with third parties?
Not without express consent. While sharing data can be a legal obligation, it is more often a necessary step toward completing and delivering product orders. If we are required to share data with countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure that the data transfer is done lawfully and carefully.

Does Scandia use cookies?
Yes. Using cookies improves visitors’ experiences on our website, however visitors are free to opt out of using them. For additional details, please see our Cookie Statement.

What can I do to protect my data?
Visitors to our site have the right to view, correct, and delete your personal data and to withdraw your consent to have your data collected. Should a visitor decide to take any of the aforementioned steps, they may send us a signed request along with a copy of a valid, signed proof of identity (e.g., passport, driver’s license). It is important, in order to protect your privacy, to blacken your strip of document numbers. Within four (4) weeks you will receive a response from us.

How does Scandia protect the data collected?
Our security measures include frequent upgrades to our firewalls and encryption, safeguarding our IT environments, limiting access to data collected, and ensuring that any third parties under contract with us meet our data protection standards.

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