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EN 421:2010


This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for gloves that protect against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination. The standard applies to gloves that provide hand protection and protection for arms and shoulders, gloves that are mounted in permanent containment enclosures, and intermediary sleeves used between gloves and permanent containment enclosures (report to The requirements of this European Standard do not apply to gloves that protect against X-ray radiation.

Definitions and requirements.
Protection and protective qualities are indicated by pictograms:

Pictogram indicting protection against radioactive particles

Pictogram indicating protection against ionizing radiation

  • To protect against radioactive contamination, the glove has to be liquid-proof and must pass the penetration test defined in EN 374.
  • In addition, gloves used in containment enclosures must pass an air pressure leak test and must provide a high level of resistance against water vapor penetration (1 = most; 5= least).
  • Materials may be modeled according to their resistance to ozone cracking. This test is optional and can be used as an aid in glove selection (1 = least; 4 = most).
  • To protect from ionizing radiation, gloves must contain specific amounts of lead or equivalent metals (i.e., lead equivalence). Lead equivalence must be marked on each glove with a measurement in millimeters and a statement concerning test conditions.

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