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EN 469:2005


(EN 469:2005 supersedes EN 469:1995, EN 469:2006 and will be replaced by EN 469:2015 Development.)

This EU standard specifies the minimum performance requirements for protective clothing worn during firefighting operations and associated activities (e.g. rescue work, assistance during disasters). The standard outlines general clothing design, the minimum performance levels of the materials used, and the test methods used to determine these performance levels. The required performance levels may be achieved by the use of one or more garments. In addition, the standard covers the event of an accidental splash of chemical or flammable liquids but does not cover special clothing for use in other high-risk situations (e.g., reflective protective clothing) nor does it cover protection for the head, hands, and feet and protection against other hazards (e.g., chemical, biological, radiological, and electrical hazards and the hazards encountered during chemical and gas cleaning operations).

The following information must be provided on product labels (note: a higher number indicates better performance):

  • The EU standard’s number and year
  • The layers of clothing to be used for protection
  • Pictogram (see figure)
  • If applicable, maximum number of washes before material must be reimpregnated

Pictogram, accompanied by:

  • Flame heat transfer index (Xf1 or Xf2)
  • Radiant heat transfer index (Xr1 or Xr2)
  • Water penetration resistance (Y1 or Y2)
  • Water vapour resistance (Z1 or Z2)

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