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EN 659:2003+A1:2008


This European Standard defines the minimum performance requirements and test methods for firefighters’ protective gloves and applies only to gloves that protect the wearer’s hands during normal firefighting operations (e.g., search and rescue). While these gloves are not intended for the deliberate handling of liquid chemicals, they do provide some protection against accidental contact. Protective gloves designed for specific firefighting operations are excluded from the scope of this standard.

General requirements
Firefighters’ protective gloves must conform to the general requirements of EN 420, excluding minimum glove lengths (see Table 1 below).

If parts of the palm and/or parts of the back of the glove are made from different materials, these materials must be tested separately. In instances where the sample size is significantly larger than the part of the glove being tested, the manufacturer must supply samples of the materials in question. After each thermal test, the material used for the innermost lining must be visually inspected. If there is evidence of melting, the glove will have failed the test.

Table 1

Glove size 6 7 8 9 10 11
Fits Hand size 6 Hand size 7 Hand size 8 Hand size 9 Hand size 10 Hand size 11
Minimum length of glove (mm) 260 270 280 290 305 315


EN 659:2003+A1:2008 – implies the following performance levels

Property Minimum performance level Norm
Abrasion resistance Level 3 (2000 cycles), palm EN 388
Cut resistance Level 2 (index 2,5), palm/back of the hand EN 388
Tear resistance Level 3 (50N), palm EN 388
Puncture resistance Level 3 (100N), palm EN 388
Burning resistance Level 4 After flame time ≤ 2s After glow time ≤ 5s EN 407
Convection heat resistance Level 3 (HTI24 ≥ 13), palm/back of the hand EN367 / EN 407
Radiant heat resistance RHTI24 at heat flux 40 kW/m2 ≥ 20 sec, back of the hand EN 6942
Contact heat resistance At least 10 sec at 250°C, palm (dry/humid environment) EN 702
Heat resistance of lining Material must not melt, burst into flames, drop away at temperature of 180°C ISO 17493
Shrinkage due to heat Max 5% at a temperature of 180 °C (length/width) ISO 17493
Dexterity Level 1 EN 420
Strength of seams Min 350 N EN 13935-2
Time to take the glove off Max 3 sec (dry/humid environment EN 15383
Resistance to water penetration 1-4 = optional test EN 15383/ EN 20811
Test for intactness of the entire glove Optional EN 15383
Resistance to penetration of liquid chemicals Optional (no chemicals may penetrate for 10s) EN 6530

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