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EN ISO 14116:2015

Protective clothing – Protection against flame – Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing

EN ISO 14116:2015 supersedes EN ISO 14166:2008

EN ISO 14116 specifies the performance requirements for the limited flame spread properties of all materials, all material assemblies, and protective clothing in order to reduce the possibility of the clothing burning when in occasional and brief contact with small flames in locations where there is no significant flame hazard or the presence of other heat types.

Additional requirements for clothing are also specified, including design requirements, mechanical requirements, marking, and information supplied by the manufacturer.

When protection against heat hazards is necessary, in addition to protection against flame, this International Standard is not appropriate. International Standards such as ISO 11612 are to be used instead.

According to the EN ISO 14116:2015 standard, the protective clothing related to this standard must be flame retardant, therefore non-flammable or delaying or reducing the possibility of combustion so that it burns and can become dangerous for the wearer.

A classification system is given for materials, material assemblies, and garments which are tested according to ISO 15025, Procedure A. This standard divides garments into three different index levels based on specific tests, index level 3 is the highest:


Index level Explanation
Index 1 The flame should not spread, should not generate flaming residue, and there should be no residual glow
Index 2 The flame must not spread, must not generate flaming residues, there must be no residual glow and the fabric must be free of holes
Index 3 The flame must not spread, must not generate flaming residues, there must be no residual glow, the fabric must be free of holes and must not show deterioration for at least the first two seconds of exposure to the flame

Protective clothing, according to EN ISO 14116, may consist of separate garments worn in combination or a single garment with one or more layers. To comply with this standard, all material assemblies must achieve a limited flame spread index of 1, 2, or 3 when tested in accordance with ISO 15025.

A category 1 garment must be worn over category 2 or 3 clothing and cannot come into contact with the skin.

Explanation difference between EN ISO 14116:2008 vs EN ISO 14116:2015

EN ISO 14116:2008 EN ISO 14116:2015
Shell fabric Index 1 Index 1
Trimmings No requirements Index 1
Parts which touch the skin Index 1 = accepted, with advice to wear Index 3 underwear. Index 3 (collar, hood). Index 1 fabric is not allowed to touch the skin anymore.


In the past it was accepted to inform what to wear below the jacket in the User Instruction. For the updated norm, this is not acceptable any more.

The parts that touch the skin should be made of fabric with index 3. Also, the trimmings should have same index as the fabric, index 1. This mean the trimmings should be of FR quality.

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