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Norms and standards


We have spent 50 years developing protective apparel and safety equipment for the maritime, offshore, and cruise industries. Our products have developed with these industries and their workforces, providing exceptional protection against the hazards they face.

High-end maritime and offshore workwear 

Here, then, is our range of protection against the cold, rain, snow, fog, humidity, heat, flame spread, and electrostatic hazards; HV apparel; antibacterial galleywear for kitchen staff; and apparel designed specifically for welders. Everything is designed, manufactured, and distributed by us. To us, superior protection and a proper fit are inseparable qualities. These are our commitments. This workwear is the result.


Safety footwear

Proper safety footwear on worksites is required for a reason. Slips and falls, exposure to chemicals, electrical accidents, and accidents caused by the improper use of tools and machinery are common causes of injuries. With the right safety shoes or boots these accidents are preventable.

We offer a wide variety of safety footwear. Our offers include safety shoes and safety boots with shock absorbing heels, antistatic soles, resistance to acid, oil, and alkali, machine washable footwear for galley use, anti-perforation midsoles, insoles, and toe caps, antibacterial protection, heat resistance, ankle and anti-slip protection, as well as thermal and absorbent socks and insoles. In short, everything you need.


High visibility

High visibility and safety go hand in hand in the maritime and offshore industries. When equipped with our maritime or offshore workwear, your job will become increasingly safer. Giving you the opportunity to focus on your job. 

Scandia Gear’s personal protective equipment is best seen as the barrier between you and the hazards of your worksite. Our products are entirely compatible: head protection works together with eye protection, ear protection, breathing protection, and face protection.

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