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Chemical Coveralls

Chemical resistant coveralls act as a barrier against harmful substances like hazardous dust or liquid splashes from contaminating the workers’s clothing. These chemical coveralls are a requirement in many industries where employees handle or are exposed to chemicals. These industries range from pharmaceutical companies to the maritime, offshore, and cruise industries.

The right chemical protection is absolutely essential to protect the skin from irritation and burns caused by a range of chemicals. Additionally, chemical resistant clothing will provide protection for the employees own clothes that could be at risk of staining.

At Scandia, we have an extensive offer of chemical resistant clothing that will provide protection against a wide range of chemical hazards. Anything from coveralls for all-over protection, working gloves and chemical splash goggles that can be used individually or complement each other if your job requires extra protection. 

What is a chemical coverall?

Chemical coveralls are worn over the wearers personal clothing during hazardous material cleanup and/or in chemical manufacturing. These protective coveralls form a single garment that covers the workers torso, arms and legs. The goal is to protect the wearer from a variety of dangerous and hazardous substances, such as aerosols, dry particulates, and liquid splash and spray. The reason chemical protective clothing consists of a single piece is to prevent harmful particles and aerosols from entering the suite at the waist. Something that can happen when just wearing a shirt and jeans. Chemical coveralls are mostly complemented with chemical protective gloves, face protection and boots. 

When are chemical coveralls used?

Chemical coveralls protect their wearer from hazardous dry particulates and licht-chemical splash and spray. Dry particulates are larger in size than aerosols and include things like dust and dirt. Protective coveralls that provide chemical splash protection and spray resistance shield workers against acids, bases, and salts. They are usually worn when cleaning tanks or hazardous waste. 

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