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Protective Coveralls

The world is full of unpredictable and sometimes even unseen hazards. Focussing on safety without ever compromising on style and fit is what we at Scandia Gear stand for. Our protective coveralls and complementary personal protective equipment is designed to be the first line of defense against the hazards in your job. Our protective suits are not just designed to provide you with the highest level of protection possible. The protective clothing we offer is manufactured with its wearer in mind. A comfy fit, and stylish look will give you confidence and fierceness while doing your job.

What is a personal protective suit?

People who are exposed to body fluid, biological substances, hazardous or liquid chemicals on a regular basis require first-class protection that is specifically designed to defend its wearer against the chemicals or substances they have to deal with. Not just the type of hazardous substance, but also the degree and duration of exposure are the key factors that determine the protective clothing fit for the job. 

These coveralls are usually fairly loose-fitting garments that cover the whole body except for the head, hands, and feet. Coveralls are commonly made of non-woven fabric that allows heat and sweat to leave the suit while preventing liquids and aerosols from entering it.

Personal protective equipment, or PPE in short, is equipment that protects the wearer from injuries or exposure to hazards like airborne particles, chemicals, biohazards, electric arcs, flames and more. A PPE suit is more often than not called a coverall or protective suit. Both can either be reusable or disposable. 

A full suit protects the body more from harm than separate pieces of clothing like just an apron or sleeves. The obvious reason being that a suit is made out of one piece that covers the entire body. Therefore most companies choose protective coveralls to ensure the safety of their employees. 


Disposable protective equipment

Some industries that work with chemicals, oil, gas, and such rather use disposable coveralls. The main advantage being a cut in costs and an increase in storage space without compromising the safety of any employee. 

In addition, some PPE coveralls are equipped with specific features that make them more suitable for different kinds of jobs. For example there are personal protective suits available with attached hoods and boots, storm flaps, elastic wrists and ankles and more. Besides that, most suits come in bright colors to help with visibility, and therefore safety, in dark or busy environments. 


Features and Benefits

Some of the most common features and benefits of personal protective coveralls – disposable as well as reusable – are listed below. 

1. Pieced hood;

For an optimum fit and maximum protection but without limitations of view whatsoever. Easily complemented with respirators and safety goggles. Soft elastic on the edges make the hood feel comfortable while staying in place. 

2. Zipper flap;

A protective zipper flap assures additional and adequate protection from substances or liquids from entering the suit. They have integrated self adhesive tape and are easy to open and close.

3. Fingerloop;

Integrated finger loops that are made out of soft comfortable elastics help keep the sleeves at the wrist. While providing additional security on their own they are also helpful when wearing protective gloves or when reaching and bending over a large portion of the day. 

4. Elasticated waistband;

For ideal wearer comfort most PPE coveralls have an integrated elastic waistband to ensure a perfect fit. 

5. Elasticated bands on arms and legs.

To ensure a better fit you will find elastics at the wrists and ankles for additional security. This also prevents overly loose garments around the limbs for optimal room to move.  

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