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Chemical Resistant

Discover confidence in challenging environments with our EN 13034 Type 6-rated chemical protective clothing. Crafted to withstand the rigors of liquid chemical exposure, our gear offers limited protective performance against light sprays, liquid aerosols, and low-pressure splashes. Our garments provide vital protection for workers facing low-risk chemical exposure scenarios. Whether it’s one-piece coveralls or two-piece suits with hoods and boot socks, our attire ensures coverage for the trunk and limbs, shielding against potential contamination. Our extensive testing guarantees abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and repellency to liquids, among other crucial factors, ensuring reliability in hazardous conditions. With category 3 protection, our gear empowers workers to take immediate action in the face of chemical hazards. Please bear in mind that extended wear may lead to heat stress. Trust in our chemical protective clothing to keep your team safe and secure in demanding work environments.