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To maintain the strength and protective capacity of your clothing, follow the care instructions detailed inside each item. Please note the following:

  • Close all zippers and Velcro fastenings before machine washing
  • Do not dry clean unless indicated
  • Excessive drying can damage garments and cause them to shrink, ensure that items are washed and dried at the correct temperature and spin intensity to preserve their wearability and protective capacity
  • Do not iron directly over printed areas, instead, place a damp cloth over these areas or turn the garment inside out when ironing
Wash new, brightly-coloured items separately the first time and with like colours in subsequent washes.
Drying at temperatures higher than recommended can damage garments.
Clothing can be ironed though ironing at temperatures higher than recommended can damage garments.
Dry cleaning
Follow each item’s care instructions. If you are in doubt, ask your dry cleaner or contact us.

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