Workwear Off-duty Personal Protective Equipment Footwear

Summer/High Temperatures

Stay cool, protected, and productive in hot work conditions with our Summer/High Temperature Workwear Collection, meticulously crafted to meet both EN 13758-2 and AS/NZS 4399:2017 standards for sun protective clothing. Engineered to keep you comfortable and shielded from harmful UV radiation, our range includes coveralls, shirts, shorts, vented helmets, gloves, and goggles, ensuring you’re fully equipped for warm-weather tasks. Adequate ventilation and sun protection are paramount in hot work environments, and our lightweight, breathable materials offer comfort without compromising functionality. Certified to block up to 98% of UV radiation and tested for superior sun protection, our clothing keeps you safe and comfortable whether you’re working outdoors in the blazing sun or indoors in warm environments.