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EN 13688


EN 13688:2013 supersedes EN 340:2004

The standard specifies general performance requirements for ergonomics, innocuousness, size designation, aging, compatibility, and marking of protective clothing and the information to be provided by the manufacturer with the protective clothing. This standard shall be used in combination with other standards containing requirements for specific performance.

  • More detailed, general requirements for protective clothing include:
    Innocuousness of the materials to the wearer.
    Ergonomic requirements for the clothing including comfort, weight, and design considerations.


  • The effect of wear and tear on product performance (e.g., colour alteration, cleaning, and changes in dimension).
    Sizing is based on height, chest and waist circumferences, is standardized in accordance with EN 3635, and is detailed in the sizing pictogram that is included on each product’s label. EN ISO 13688 specifies that sizing intervals should not be standardized and instead favors a “flexible” approach.
    Labelling requirements: labels must be visible and legible, be written in the official language of the country of destination, and include the following information:

a) Name, trademark, or other means of manufacturer identification
b) The product’s commercial name or code
c) A pictogram and size designation according to EN 3635
d) Reference to the specific EU protective clothing standard
e) A pictogram showing the hazard the product is designed to protect the wearer against and the product’s performance level
f) Composition, care, and washing instructions using care symbols in accordance with EN 3758

Instructions for the wearer must be written in the official language of country to which the products are being shipped and must include the following information:

a)      Identification and address of manufacturer
b)      Identification and address of the notified body (PPE categories 2 and 3)
c)       Reference to the specific EU protective clothing standard
d)      A pictogram showing the specific hazard the product is design addresses and the product’s performance level
e)      The product’s material composition
f)       Information to the wearer specifying safety checks that must be conducted prior to use, the purpose and limitations of the product (e.g., how long the product can be used in specific working conditions), and storage, maintenance, and cleaning instructions.

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